Swingers Clubs in Sweden

Swingers Clubs in Sweden

Swingers Club Adam and Eva (Norrköping)

The best swingers club in Sweden, without a doubt. Club Adam and Eva offers all the conditions for a great swinger experience. You can start the evening at the fully licensed bar, continue on the dance floor, and then explore a number of playrooms. The only thing missing is a complete BDSM room.

Clean and fresh facilities. Couples and single ladies are always welcome. The club organizes special nights when single guys are also welcome. The staff treats guests nicely and is service-minded. The atmosphere varies based on the evening's guests. The club is suitable for both beginners and experienced swingers.

Par i Hjärter (Stockholm)

The club is the largest and one of the oldest in Stockholm. If you are a swinger and live in Stockholm, you have definitely been to Par i Hjärter. You can start the evening on the upper floor, which consists of a small bar, a small dance floor, and round couch groups to get to know the other guests of the evening. The basement is quite large and there are several rooms for different play moments. There is also a small sauna and jacuzzi to socialize and contribute to a good atmosphere.

New couples visiting the club must pre-register via email. The response usually comes very quickly. Members do not need pre-registration. It's a good idea to check the calendar on the website before choosing the time for your visit as the club organizes various themed nights.

Paradise Swings (Eskilstuna)

If you happen to be in Eskilstuna or want to visit a club with a bit more BDSM focus in Sweden, you must visit Paradise Swings. The club mainly consists of two parts: one part that is a bit more public, and another part intended only for couples. Playrooms with different themes are available in both parts. You can mark the door with a rope if you choose to be in one of the playrooms in the public part but do not want additional visitors.

The club has a very well-furnished BDSM room. Here you will find everything that may be of interest for BDSM play. The atmosphere is friendly, and the single guys definitely understand what a "no" means. Feel free to email the club before your first visit.

Blue Vision Porn Club (Stockholm)

Blue Vision consists of a shop, cinema, and an event section. There are several video booths in a long labyrinth-like corridor dominated by male visitors. However, there is a separate section for couples. The club is centrally located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The sex shop has a large selection, so if you've come this far, take a look. There are toys and clothes for all tastes.

Good treatment and a pleasant atmosphere in the couples' section. The central location makes the club very easily accessible.

Swingers Club Amante (Mölndal)

Club Amante is located south of Gothenburg, in Mölndal. The club organizes various themed nights several days a week. Large, fresh facilities and friendly hosts/hostesses. You will find all the classic play areas for a swingers club here; sauna, showers, swing, crosses, massage bench, glory holes, and darkroom.

Single guys can accompany couples or single ladies except on evenings designated for couples only. Pre-registration is always required for the first visit.

Wandas Swing (Gothenburg)

Wandas Swing is a swingers club with a perfect interior and atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in a mystery movie. Actually, Wandas is one of the exotic nightclubs that we encounter in other places as well, but what sets them apart from the others is that they have a secret door that attracts special attention from swingers. When you enter through this door, you arrive at Wandas Swing, where various events are held exclusively for people in the swinger lifestyle. Most current events are aimed at guys/gay couples, but there are also couple nights with different themes.

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Special Interests



Passive watching only


Erotic massage




Oral sex

Vaginal sex

Anal sex

Double penetration

Playing with other couples


Cuckolding / Cuckqueaning

Hotwifing / Hotwife

Group sex


With condoms

Threesomes (FMF)

Threesomes (FFM)

Threesomes (MMF)

Threesomes (MFM)

Full Swap

Soft Swap

Fetish / BDSM Preferences




Breath play


Candle wax play



Cum / Bodily fluids

Cyber sex


Electric stimulation


Foot fetish

Hair pulling





Phone sex


Public sex

Ravagement fantasy

Rope play





Watersports / Golden showers

Partner Preferences



Woman seeking woman

Woman seeking couple

Woman seeking man

Woman seeking trans

Couple seeking woman

Couple seeking couple

Couple seeking man

Couple seeking trans

Man seeking woman

Man seeking couple

Man seeking man

Man seeking trans

Trans seeking woman

Trans seeking couple

Trans seeking man

Trans seeking trans

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