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Paradise Swings is one of the most popular swinger clubs in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and it continues to be frequented by many swingers from the surrounding cities for years. There are many reasons behind this, the most important of which is the effort given over the years. The Paradise Swings team has been giving their best for years and no matter what level they reach, they always continue to aim for better and higher quality. There are many other reasons as well, of course, we will cover them in this article and give you all the information you need to know about Paradise Swings. You can maybe visit them if you live near Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Why are they so good at their job?

The first piece of information we want to give on this subject is that Paradise Swings is open to people of all sexual orientations. People of all sexual orientations are welcome to attend parties and other events as long as they have a membership.

As for who can attend the events, couples between the ages of 20 and 65, single women between the ages of 20 and 65, and finally single men between the ages of 20 and 55 can attend Paradise Swings parties. It doesn't matter what sexual orientation these people have, because as we mentioned above, the club in question here accepts participants from all sexual orientations.

Paradise Swings has also set some rules in order to maintain the atmosphere at the events and to ensure that everyone can understand and chat with each other comfortably. One of the most important of these is the language spoken in the club. If you are going to attend any party or event, you must be able to understand and speak Swedish. Unfortunately, those who do not speak Swedish are not allowed into the club area because Paradise Swings wants everyone in the area, without exception, to be able to talk and mingle with each other. To ensure this, they have introduced such a rule.

There will be a huge bar where you can buy lots of drinks and light snacks. In this bar, you can have hot drinks, cold drinks, and light snacks. It's also an ideal place to meet other couples or singles and mingle. We think it would be unfair if we didn't mention the spa area. The spa area, which Paradise Swings offers for you, helps you both relax and get an environment where you can get closer to the other people at the party. It should also be noted that this spa area is larger than the spa areas found in many other swingers clubs. Anything for you to be comfortable, right?

Let's come to the subject of playrooms, which is one of the subjects that everyone is most curious about. There are many types of different playrooms in this swingers club. This helps a lot in creating environments where people with different tastes can enjoy these pleasures comfortably. First, let's talk about the different sizes of rooms. Some couples just like to have fun with 1 or 2 people by taking a single or a couple with them and they prefer it to be private. For this reason, they prefer small rooms and therefore they can have a completely private experience. There are also large playrooms for those who like to have fun with more people. At the same time, if you like to be watched, because these rooms are large, we would like to say that some people can easily stay in the room to watch you and your partners. According to your request, of course. It doesn't end there either. There are also rooms with signs at the entrance saying such things as "watch but don't come in". As you can easily see from the signs on the door entrances, the aim of these rooms is to enable swingers with special requests to obtain rooms that meet their wishes. There is also a separate area for couples only and it is forbidden for singles to enter these areas. Finally, a special area for BDSM lovers is at your service.

Next, we will talk about a rule. We wanted to explain this rule here, not in the rules section, because this rule is a little different in Paradise Swings than in other swingers clubs. The rule works like this, in order to touch the other person in any way including "non-sexual touching" you have to get VERBAL CONSENT from that person. Things like reciprocating your actions or smiling at you are not considered verbal consent. Therefore, do not forget to get verbal consent from the other party before touching them in any way. In addition, once you get a rejection from a person or a couple, this rejection remains valid throughout the party. Therefore, do not approach them again and try to change their minds.

Membership System

In the previous section, we briefly explained who can attend Paradise Swings parties and which age groups can attend. Now let's talk about the membership system. The membership system in this swingers club works a little differently than others, so it will be good to under stand it first.

To become a member of this swingers club located in Eskilstuna, Sweden, you are required to fill out a trial guest form. The information requested from you in this form is your name and surname, your e-mail address, your age, your nationality, your experiences in previous clubs, your swinger lifestyle experiences, a short text about why you want to become a Paradise Swings member. And finally a photo with your face clearly visible. If you are a couple, you are asked to submit a photo with both of you in one frame. After completing all these steps, you will wait for the mail to be sent from the club management team to the email address you provided in the form.

After receiving the mail, you will receive an invitation as a trial guest to one of the events you want to attend. In return for this invitation, you will join the party. If you do not do any kind of unexpected behavior during the party and you like the atmosphere, you will then be able to complete your annual membership.

As for the fees, the pricing is as follows. Annual membership fee is 800 SEK for single men, single women and trans people, and 700 SEK for couples. The trial guests, who are invited to the party as a result of the form they fill out, will pay 100 SEK for the participation. If you are attending an event as a trial guest, remember that you must show the invitation sent to you via email at the entrance.


Participants are requested to dress only in a presentable and attractive way when coming to the club. When you come to the club, you dress like this and you can continue to party with these clothes in the bar area, meet other couples or singles and chat. But outside the bar area, you have to be either sexually dressed or completely undressed. This helps to maintain and even increase the intimate atmosphere in the club.

Paradise Swings is not just a swingers club that organizes one type of party. Accompanied by different party hosts, they organize different parties with different themes. At all events, it is entirely up to the party hosts to decide who will be allowed into the party area or who will be kicked out due to their behavior during the party.

Privacy is extremely important. Devices such as mobile phones and cameras that will violate the privacy rules must be given to the attendant at the party entrance to be returned at the exit. Conversations against confidentiality, both inside and outside the club, are also strictly prohibited. This applies to both members and staff. If this rule is found to be violated, the membership of the person will be suspended.

You will have condoms in the playrooms. Paradise Swings team strongly recommends using condoms for every sexual intercourse. Members who wish are free to bring their own condoms.

Everyone has to bring their own towel. If possible, it will be better and more comfortable for you to come with two towels. Hygiene is extremely important. For this reason, when you come out of the shower or spa, while your body is still wet, the club team requires you to lay a towel under you while mingling or just chatting on the furniture.

A special section is reserved for oil play lovers in the spa section of the club. It is strictly forbidden to use oil anywhere in the party area other than this section. In addition, when you leave the oil play area, you need to completely clean your body and completely get rid of the oil on your body.

Smoking is only allowed outside in the terrace area. Smoking is prohibited anywhere outside of this area. This rule also includes e-cigarettes.

Bringing your own alcohol to parties is also prohibited. In addition, it is strictly forbidden by the club management to bring any drugs.

In this article, we talked about Paradise Swings with all its curious aspects. If you live in Eskilstuna or the surrounding cities in Sweden, what are you waiting for to fill out the trial guest form and start the membership process as soon as possible? It is your turn. Have fun swingers!

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