Swingers Club Par i Hjärter (PiH) - Stockholm - Sweden

Sweden , Stockholm County , Solna
Swingers Club Par i Hjärter (PiH) - Stockholm - Sweden

In this article, we will examine Par i Hjärter (PiH), one of the oldest swingers clubs in Stockholm and even in Sweden, which has been known for many years. This club, which is attended by swingers not only from Stockholm but also from other cities, continues to renew and develop itself at every opportunity. Don't be fooled by the fact that we call it one of the oldest clubs, it is also one of the most modern swingers clubs. With the experience they have gained as a result of all these years of work, you can more or less guess what a perfect environment they have created for swingers. Before you start reading the article, if you're wondering how Par i Hjärter is inside, you can visit their website and take a look at the photos they shared. Considering that most swingers clubs do not share photos, we can say that this is a great opportunity for you. If you have looked at the photos, now we can move on to the article.

Opening Hours

First, we wanted to start with the opening hours of Par i Hjärter. You can find it open every Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 3 am and join the party. We will discuss the membership system, conditions of participation in events, club rules, and similar issues in the following sections. In addition to the hours and days given above, there is a Club 20-40 party held once a month, and this party is held on the second Thursday of every month. Hours are between 8 pm and 12 pm.

Lastly, there may be changes in the days and hours that Par i Hjärter is open due to some major holidays and similar special occasions or events. To be aware of these changes, you can see the event days and times of the next few months by going to the calendar section on their website. In addition, when you click on the event you want to attend, a page specific to that event opens and you can see the information you need to know about the event on that page. This information consists of the entrance fee to the party, if there is a dress code specific to the party, its information, and if there are party-specific rules other than the club rules. Let's continue with our article now that we've dealt with this topic.

A few important information

Now we will talk about the history of Par i Hjärter. We have said that it is one of the oldest clubs in Stockholm and even in the entirety of Sweden. When we say this, you probably think of a date range like the mid-2000s. Those who think it will be even older may be thinking of the early 2000s, but Par i Hjärter is even older than that. They started their service in the mid ‘90s. Yes, you heard it right, they have been serving swingers in Stockholm and surrounding cities since the mid-90s. How great of them! But, anyway, let's give a few more important pieces of information.

Here are some information about the important aspects of Par i Hjärter and one of the first things that those who want to attend their parties should know. This swinger club is suitable only for heterosexual couples. In cases where one of the couples is bisexual, they can also participate in the parties, but those who remain outside of these cannot be members and cannot participate in events. This swingers club is completely different from the others and this shows that clearly. Because the club is only for heterosexual couples, no singles, including women, are allowed to become members and attend events. We have seen many clubs where single men are prohibited from entering or where they can enter as long as they are selected by the club team, but it is completely okay for single ladies to enter these clubs. But in this club, even single ladies cannot become members as we mentioned. Only heterosexual couples can enter, so the rate of encountering only suitable couples is hundred percent. If you've been looking for such a club for a long time and haven't been able to find it, now you've found it. Par i Hjärter is just for you.

Par i Hjärter is completely a membership only swingers club. In other words, if you are not a member, you cannot participate in any event or party. Like many clubs, there is no reservation for one-time guests. Therefore, if you are going to attend any party, you better pay attention to this in order not to encounter such an unexpected situation before the party. Again, this applies even if you are planning to only participate once.

At Par i Hjärter you do not have to have sex in any situation and under any circumstance. You can attend parties and other events just to meet new people, chit chat, and get away from the tiringness of real life. You can even be in the same room while other couples having sex in the playrooms and watch them without joining them, if they allow you of course. The only purpose of the club’s team here is to create an environment where you will feel comfortable and relaxed and where you can meet and chat with like-minded people. Therefore, you are free to spend your time at the club as you wish.

At the beginning of the article, we wanted you to look at the photos. But of course, it is impossible for you to see everything in the photos because they are a team that cares about privacy too much. That's why we're here anyway. We will tell you in words what you cannot see. Par i Hjärter has a very large and spacious area with two floors of party area. In this area, you can find quiet areas to chat comfortably, and you can find areas where you can dance with other couples. And, you don't have to bring your own alcohol. There is alcohol sale in the bar upstairs. For those who want alcoholic beverages such as red and white wine, beer, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee and many other soft drink options are sold. In the party area, there is a big dance floor, and in the middle of this dance floor, there is a stripper pole for those who want to take the fun to the top. Around this area, there are comfortable sofas where you can sit and chat and mingle with other couples.

I can hear you saying that “Wow, they have thought of all these in detail so that we can have fun and be comfortable at the same time.” However, it is not over yet, there's so much more to come, just make yourself ready. We should also mention that there is a special smoking area reserved for smokers. These were all things that take place upstairs. Upstairs is a no-sex area, just dating, dancing, drinking and mingles. All sexual activities are done downstairs. Downstairs there are many private rooms and non-private rooms, and depending on your decision, you can choose any of them and continue the rest of the night in these rooms.

Spa and massage areas are indispensable in a swingers club where everything is considered in such detail, right? And, even massage oil is sold at the club, at a very cheap price. Finally, a huge 6-person jacuzzi is at your service for you to enjoy and relax.

Membership system and membership fees

There are two different membership types at Par i Hjärter. Both of these actually lead to the same thing, but they have a minor difference. The initial membership is the standard annual membership available at every swingers club. When you complete the required steps and all the necessary steps to become a member and pay the membership fee, your one-year membership is completed and you are given a membership card. Once the one-year period has expired, you have to renew your membership. Your membership starts on the day you pay the fee. So you don't lose a single day.

Another type of membership is the trial membership. At Par i Hjärter, we said that you do not have the chance to attend parties as one-time guests, it is a members only club. That is still valid, so don't confuse trial membership with that. Trial membership is a type of membership where you can join a single party once after paying the fee, see the atmosphere inside, evaluate it according to yourself and convert it to a standard annual membership. You pay the one-time fee, you come to the party and have fun, and if you decide at the end of the night that you want to switch to the membership for one year, you pay the remaining fee of the annual membership and you have the standard annual membership. Remember that you have to do this on the party night before the party ends. Each couple can only use a trial membership once. It's a rule made so that people don't abuse this type of membership for one-time party entrance.

As for prices, Par i Hjärter only accepts cash payments. You cannot pay your membership or party entrance with a credit card or other payment options. Additionally, you can't pay in advance, you pay every free when you arrive at the party. The standard annual membership fee is 500 SEK. This fee is for couple, not per person. Trial membership fee is 200 SEK, and if you want to become an annual member, your membership will be complete when you pay an additional 300 SEK and complete it to the 500 SEK annual membership fee.

You've completed your membership and now it's time to join the parties. Then it's time for us to inform you about the entrance fees to the parties. Entrance fee is 600 SEK for both events on Fridays and Saturdays. Finger food is also included in the price. Finger food is served at 12 on Fridays and at 11 on Saturdays. The entrance fee for the Club 20-40 event, which is held on the second Thursday of every month, is 300 SEK, but finger food is not served at this event.

How to become a member?

If you like both the prices and the other information we provided for you, let's come to the last topic we will talk about in this section, how to become a member. The first thing the Par i Hjärter team asks from you is that you read the rules before starting the membership process. For this reason, we will ask you to read the rules, which we will discuss in the next section, before starting the membership process. Now, let's continue with the membership steps, considering that you have read the rules and completed the first step. The next step is to fill out the form that appears when you enter the membership creation page. This form asks for some information from you. There may be some confusion in this information, so let's elaborate on that a little. First, you are asked to specify which event you will attend first (Club 20-40, Friday evening, Saturday evening etc.). Then, you need to provide information about the date of the first event you will attend, your and your partner's name and surname, your e-mail address, whether you were a member before and if you were a former member, what type of membership it was.

After you have done all of these, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you specified in the form within 24 hours. Be sure to give your correct e-mail address in the form, as the only means of communication is through e-mail. In addition, since the number of new couples who want to join Par i Hjärter is very high, they may not be able to get all the couples that are new members to each party. So take into account that you may have to wait a few weeks before you can attend your first party. And the last request of the team in this regard, if you will not be able to attend the party for certain reasons, do not forget to cancel your reservation. Because, as we have just mentioned, only a certain number of new members are allowed to each party, and therefore, if you do not cancel your reservation, you will disturb the right of a couple who might attend the event instead of you.


Without further ado, let's start explaining the rules. Because this is the first step of membership, we do not recommend doing anything about membership without reading the rules. Since this swingers club places extreme importance on privacy, it is strictly forbidden to talk about and give names of both other members and stuff outside the club. If anyone is seen or known mentioning anyone’s name outside the club, their membership will be suspended.

No means no. No one has to accept your offers. Therefore, when the couple rejects you in any way, thank them for their conversation and walk away. No need to insist under any circumstances.

In connection with the previous rule, the aims, wishes, a limits of each couple participating in the events might be different. For this reason, let go of the idea that everyone is there for the same purpose as you and your partner, and consider that there may be different opinions and wishes. Approach other couples accordingly and ask them before engaging in any kind of interaction.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in sexual activities upstairs. You can be upstairs just to chat, dance and drink. All sexual activities are done downstairs.

Under no circumstances may a phone or camera be brought into the party area. Devices such as phones and cameras can only be in lockers. When you enter the party area, you put them in the lockers and you will get them back when you leave at the end of the event. As soon as you are caught violating this rule, your membership will be canceled, never to be opened again, and you cannot become a member again in any way. This also applies even if you are using these devices for something good. For whatever purpose, you cannot keep these devices with you.

It is important that you do not engage in behavior that will disturb anyone while you are downstairs. With a little empathy, you can easily understand why there is such a rule. You don't want people talking loudly or laughing out loud in the hallway or anywhere near you while you are having sex or doing any kind of sexual activity. This both disrupts your mood and adversely affects your concentration on your partner. For this reason, you should be careful not to do disturbing behaviors downstairs.

Make sure you have both your identification card and membership card with you when you come to the party. Even if you have been a member for many years and everyone knows you, membership and identification cards are checked at every party entrance. So if you don't have both of them with you, you run the risk of not being able to enter the party.

Par i Hjärter is a couples only club and no participant can engage in sexual activities without their partner being present with them. You have to be with your partner throughout the party. You shouldn't be alone, especially downstairs. In addition, even if you come to the party as a couple, if your partner is leaving the party for some reason, you have to leave with them. Under no circumstances may you participate in any activity without a partner.

Bringing your own drinks, food and drugs is strictly prohibited. In addition, excessive drunkenness is also a no. You cannot be drunk during the party, and if you are found to be drunk or under the influence of any kind of drug at the entrance, you will not be allowed to the party.

The age limit is 18.

The party host and/or hostess is completely free to kick you out of the party if any rule is broken. In no way will the party entrance fee be refunded to you. If the above mentioned rules are broken several times, your membership will be suspended for at least six months and you will not be able to participate in any parties during this period. In this case, no refund will be made also.

In this article, we talked and examined Club Par i Hjärter in all its details and tried to inform you about all the curious topics. I hope we were able to do what we aimed with this article. If you still have unanswered questions, you can contact the Club Par i Hjärter team through one of the communication channels and ask them. Have fun swingers!

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