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Registration form reaches to us after it is saved. Later, an activation code is sent to the specified e-mail address. In order for your account to be created, you must click on the activation link we have sent to your e-mail address.

MachMeter is a scoring system that measures the compatibility of our members with each other and decides whether they can communicate or not according to the result.

The features you specify in your profile and the features found in the people you are looking for are analyzed in depth. At the end of the analysis process, the user's compatibility with you is given a score out of 100. The higher this score, the higher your compatibility with the user.

Users can allow or reject messages using the MatcMeter score of those who want to communicate with them.

To determine who can contact you, go to quick settings.

In Quick settings, you can specify who you receive messages from by changing the setting titled "Choose who can send you messages". The expressions "MatcMeter >= XX%" under this option are a reference point used to allow incoming messages.

For example; If you select "MatcMeter >= 40%", only users with a MatcMeter score of 40 and above can send you messages. Users below this score cannot send you messages.

Trust Score is a scoring system that determines how trustworthy our members are.

Initially, each member has 10 points. However, the DFS platform is no different from real life. If you do things that cause people to lose their trust in you, you lose 1 point.

What you need to know;
* 0 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest score. Those with higher scores on our listing pages are shown higher up. Members with 0 points are shown at the bottom of the list.

* When your score is 0, you can no longer host any events and participate in any events organized by others.

* Users with a Trust Score below zero will have their accounts permanently suspended. Rights in suspended accounts cannot be transferred to other accounts. So it becomes completely unusable

* If our event organizers wish, they can prevent members with a Trust Score below 8 from participating in the parties.

Some of the things that cause points loss are listed below;
* When you create a party or event, if there are members who say "I will definitely attend" and you cancel the event, you will lose 1 point. If you do this 5 times, you will no longer be able to host parties or events.

* You can apply to an event organized by another member by selecting the "I will definitely attend" option.
If you cancel before the event organizer approves your application, you will not lose any points. However, if you cancel or do not attend the event after the organizer has approved your application, you will lose 1 point. If you do this 5 times, you will no longer be able to attend parties or events. To keep your score, we recommend that you apply with the "Maybe I will attend" option if you are not sure you will attend an event.
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