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Swingers Club Amante › Gothenburg › Mölndal

Club Amante is one of the most visited swingers club in Gothenburg, Sweden. In fact, when we take a quick look at their website, we can see that they claim to be the most famous and best-known club in this region, apart from the fact that it is visited a lot. In addition, since the management team and owners are people from the swinger lifestyle, they are able know the wishes and tastes of people in this lifestyle because of their own experience. Thanks to this experience, we can easily say that they have created a swingers club exactly as you wanted, with everything in mind to the smallest detail.

If you were wondering exactly where it is, it is located in the Mölndal district, which is located in the north of Gothenburg and is one of the most visited places in the city. They organize parties at least three days a week and different theme parties from time to time apart from these three days.

What’s inside Club Amante

Many exciting things will be waiting for you when you go inside. A bar and a lounge where you can meet and chat with other swingers, a sauna and a few showers where you can rest and relax, gloryholes, massage tables where your massage oil is ready for you, a dark room and finally 27 square meters of giant beds where you can live all your fantasies without having to worry about space are waiting for you. Great news, right?

If you have any questions, or a problem about yourself or other participants in the party, team members will be at your service to assist you. Apart from that, team members will be on standby to refill and refresh when something is finished in your room or anywhere in the club.

Membership system

Membership system at Club Amante is very simple and understandable. You enter their website and after clicking on the sign up section on the site, a short informational screen appears. This screen is important, so let's briefly summarize it first without you having to read the whole thing. When you complete the membership process on the website, you are not actually a full member just by doing it. Only after the first party you join, your membership will be approved. And when you join the first party, you have to show your ID at the entrance, so don't forget to carry your ID with you.

Also, be careful to use anonymous nicknames and usernames when filling out your membership information. It is not recommended to choose names that will clearly reveal your identity, as privacy is of the utmost importance.

How to become a member of Club Amante

If you have read the important information we mentioned above, now it's time for you to create an account, and later, become a member. First, you click on the create account link on the information page and a form appears. The information requested from you in this form is not much different from what other swingers’ clubs want. You type a username and e-mail, then set a password for your account and complete the account section of the form.

Here is what is requested from you in the profile section of the form: A nickname that other members will see, information about it if you are single or a couple, a short text in which you introduce yourself so that other members can have brief information about you, your name, surname and phone number (if you are a couple, it is mandatory to write the name, surname and phone number of both people). After completing these, you read and approve the terms and conditions. Here, now you’ve created your account.

After these steps are over, all you have to do is wait for the confirmation e-mail to be sent to the e-mail address you specified in the form and join a party with your ID. After joining the party, your membership will be fully approved and an e-mail will be sent to you after the event. In addition, once your membership is complete, you will be able to access a special social platform for Club Amante members. On this social platform, you can meet other members over the internet and share things with each other.

Can single men join Amante?

Since it is one of Gothenburg, Sweden's most popular swingers’ meeting places, we have no doubt that everyone will want to join this club. Therefore, let's talk about single men memberships.

Unfortunately, single men are not allowed to get memberships and attend events for now. They can only enter the parties as guests of a couple or a single woman. Therefore, if you are a single male, doing the necessary actions on the membership page will not mean anything because you won’t be able to participate in the events.

If you have a couple or a single woman with you, the person accompanying you fills in a vouch about their trust in your behavior. The meaning of this is that the person you come with guarantees that you will not act inappropriately, that you will not disturb anyone, and that your social skills are good enough.

If you bring a single man with you and that individual acts unexpectedly or breaks one or more of the rules, that person alone won't be kicked out of the party; at the same time, you run the risk of your membership being canceled. Therefore, be absolutely sure of the person you bring with you. Talking about rules, let’s get to that topic now.


The Amante team has added a very nice writing to the top of the rules page. They do not want anyone to be at their tiptoes and absolutely afraid of making mistakes, being comfortable is the most important thing; you should just treat others the way you expect others to treat you.

Be respectful to everyone. Respect is always the most important rule in an environment where people of all colors, sexual orientations, and all ages are present. In order to have comfort in the atmosphere, this is a must. Those who perform disturbing behavior will be kicked out of the party, and later on, their membership will be canceled if these behaviors continue happening in the next events.

Having sex on Amante is absolutely not a must and can only occur with the consent of both parties. Participants who attend events only for this purpose and leave dissatisfied when they can't get what they want are not welcomed in this swingers club.

Talking about politics and religion is prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to take photos and enter the party area with any device that can take photos. These devices such as phones and cameras must be left in the lockers at the entrance. They will be suspended from the party if one gets caught while carrying one of these on themselves.

Participants are not allowed to be fully clothed while others are having fun. As we mentioned above, you are definitely not obligated to have sex, but you are requested to be naked, with just a towel around your waist, or at least in sexy lingerie so that everyone feels equal.

Do not assume that anyone is inviting towards you. In fact, they can be. However, whether they are or not, ask them before you approach and get their consent. Know how to back off when you're rejected. This rule is extremely important and when violated, the person is kicked out of the area.

Unlike many swingers clubs, Club Amante mandated the use of condoms during sexual intercourse. As you know, whether to use condoms in other swingers’ clubs depends on the persons. The requirement to use a condom does not apply to sexual acts with your own partner. It is mandatory to use a condom in every act other than that, and the membership of those who are caught not using condoms when they are with someone other than their partner will be suspended.

Don't forget to notify the stuff members as soon as you see someone engaging in inappropriate or offensive behavior. In line with the information you provide, necessary actions will be taken toward that person.

It should be noted that Club Amante has a negative view of drunkenness. If you find out that you or your partner is getting really drunk, you better know that it's time to leave the party. It is also important to say that there is zero tolerance for drugs. These rules are enforced more strictly, especially in the BDSM room. No one is allowed to use sex toys in the BDSM room while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do not keep glassware in showers, saunas and playrooms. It would be a better option for you to keep your drinks in cans, especially since glass alcohol bottles can cause injury when they break.

Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor area. Therefore, make sure that your outfit is suitable for outside when you are going for a quick smoke session. There may be families and children nearby at certain times, and we certainly don't want to give them the hint that there's an adult party inside. For those who do not want to go out, nicotine gum is also available in the club.

Never mention other members or events outside the Club. Remember that privacy is of the utmost importance. Talking about stuff members is also prohibited.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I login to the site?

As we mentioned above, your membership process is only completed when you join the party for the first time, then after the party ends. To participate in the first party, you book through the e-mail address you specified in the form.

Entrance fees to Club Amante parties

Are you in Gotheburg and want to attend one of these parties? Then let us share with you the event days and entrance fees right away. Entrance fees at Wednesday's parties are SEK 400 for couples, SEK 300 for single men, and SEK 100 for single women. On Fridays, it is 500 SEK for couples, 350 SEK for single men, and 150 SEK for single women. Finally, on Saturdays, the entrance fees are 600 SEK for couples, 400 SEK for single men, and 200 SEK for single women.

What is included in entrance fees?

On Saturdays, the hot dish is included in the price. Apart from that, those who attend both Friday and Saturday parties get a 50 SEK discount on the entrance fee for Saturday.

All entrance prices for all days include one towel per person, three drinks of your choice, unlimited tea and coffee. You cannot even ask for more, can you?

Can I join for a one time trial?

Unfortunately, party entries are not accepted for a one-time trial. Everyone who participates must have memberships and their membership information is checked at the entrance. Address information is not shared with you until two days before the event you will attend.

In this article, we talked about Club Amante in all its details. If you live in Sweden and are close to the city of Gothenburg, you have no reason not to visit this place. We hope we have aroused your curiosity. Have fun swingers!

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