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Wandas Swing is a swingers club with a perfect structure and atmosphere that will make you feel like you are in a mystery movie. Actually, Wandas is one of the exotic nightclubs that we encounter everywhere, but what makes them different from the others is that they have a discreet door that does attract special attention to swingers. When you enter through this door, the place you encounter is Wandas Swing, where different events are held exclusively for people in swinger lifestyle.

Let's talk about where they are located without making you wonder any more. It is located in a central part of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Actually, the place you should go is Wandas Exotic Night Club. When you arrive there, you have to find the black door that leads to the club only for swingers. If you can't find it, don't worry, you can call them anytime and ask for help.

How to become a member of Wandas Swing?

This swingers’ club has a membership system that is almost completely different from the others. You cannot get membership from the website or via e-mail, and you have no chance to complete the membership process in any way via the internet.

To become a member, you need to attend any of their events or parties that we will talk about in the next section. When you join the party, you go to the registration section and complete your membership process there, and a username and password will be created for you. After you get the username and password and complete your membership process, you can now log in to the website. This gives you the opportunity to buy tickets and book events in advance. It is really an important chance to reserve your place for events.

If you want to become a member when you go there, don't forget to bring a valid ID and photo of yourself with you. Otherwise, your membership work will not be done.


Wandas Swing does not have an event calendar that is held at the same time each week on the same day and continues to repeat the same throughout the year without exception. Therefore we should talk about different events and parties they organize and help you create an image of what kind of club it is.

Mixed Lunch

The first event we will talk about is Mixed Lunch and its operates as follows: When you are finished whatever you did that day, come to the club to relieve the exhaustion of the day and chat with other couples and singles while having a quality lunch. After that, the rest is up to you. You can get closer to the new people you met at the lunch table, meet other different people, and if you see that the tastes of both parties match, maybe you can go into one of the playrooms and have some sexy adventures. Other than the playrooms, the things waiting for you are dark room, massage room, BDSM room and more.

Entrance fees are 150 SEK for couples, 150 SEK for single men and 50 SEK for single women.

Killing Lunch

The difference between this event and Mixed Lunch is that it is exclusive to gay swingers. A party that only men and gay couples can attend. Except for this difference and the difference in the entrance fees, everything else is the same as Mixed Lunch. If you already have a membership, you can still book in advance. The entrance fee is 150 SEK for everyone.

Bisex Evening

As the name suggests, this party is reserved for bisexual couples and singles. We would like to emphasize the fact that all guests are bisexual. So if you are coming as a couple, you cannot enter the party area if one of you is bisexual and the other one is straight. Both parties should be bisexual because it's a special party just for bisexual people. Condoms and towels will also be at your service. If you want, you are free to bring your own towel or condom, but if you haven't, don't worry, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

As for the entrance fees, it is 250 SEK for couples and single men and 100 SEK for single women.

Saturday Customs

Saturday Customs is another of the dozens of different theme parties that Wandas Swing organizes. This is how this party works, one or more of the “stuff” joins the party and does different shows for you. In addition, you can keep doing what you do in the other events.

Only people who have previously participated in another event and got a membership can participate in this event. The treats and other things waiting for you are the same as what we talked about in the events above, so we are not repeating them again and again.

Entrance fees are 250 SEK for couples and single men and only 50 SEK for single women.

Wandas Swing organizes many different events and parties apart from the ones we mentioned above. If you are curious, you can go to their website and learn more from the upcoming events section and have information about the party you want to attend.

If you live in or near Gothenburg, Sweden, or if you happen to visit there one day, we strongly recommend that you visit Wandas Swing. Have fun swingers!

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