Deviate Network Swingers Club & Swinger Parties

Deviate Network Swingers Club & Swinger Parties

Deviate Network (DN) is one of New York's best-known and most admired swingers clubs. The Deviate Network, which is open 6 days a week except for Sundays, is open at different times on different days. For this reason, let's first look at the hours when this club is open and accepts guests. It is open on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6 PM to 6 AM. On Thursdays, it again opens its doors at 6 PM but closes at 10 AM. Closes 1 hour later than the previous day on Fridays; therefore, it’s open from 6 PM to 11 AM. Finally, on Saturdays, it opens and closes at the same time as Fridays. If you live in New York or want to experience a quality swingers club outside your city, you can visit DN during given days and hours.

Their Story

DN has a different story. Therefore, we would like to talk about this topic briefly. The Deviate Network has been active in the swinger lifestyle for over 10 years. Yes, you heard it right, it has been more than 10 years. During this time, they organized many events and parties. In the early days, they bought a lot of games to make these parties fun, but these games had many shortcomings. Some got boring after a while, some just weren't interactive enough; and most importantly, these games were not sexy games that would reflect the atmosphere of the environment. And they couldn't find a game on the market that was made for people living the swinger lifestyle, or at least suitable for them. So, they had an idea.

After all this, they started producing their own games under the name DV8 Dare Erotic Lifestyle Games in 2015. Before going into production, they tried out the games with people who came to their events and parties and voluntarily wanted to try these games in their prototype forms. By doing this, they observed what people in the swinger lifestyle liked and didn't like, what worked and what didn't work in games. Considering the feedback and suggestions from these people, they have produced a total of 5 games so far to this day. And these games continue to be used by swinger communities at many swinger events today. They really do justice to their slogan 'Created for Swingers by Swingers'.

Pricing and More Information

As for pricing, Deviate Network parties do not have a specific pricing. Because DN is a swingers club that organizes parties and events in many venues outside of its own club area and also organizes parties in the homes of its members. Therefore, prices can vary a lot. But if you're a single woman, the membership fee to the Deviate Network is free. If you are a couple, before buying tickets for an event, you can ask the event owner or directly to the Deviate Network for the fee. But, as we mentioned above, if you're a single woman, don't even think about the price. If you have more questions, you can contact them.

It seems like it's time to briefly tell you about the general features of the Deviate Network. Deviate Network Club has a huge party area of ​​2500 square feet. This means that all club invites can embark on any adventure they want without disturbing each other. Mingle as you wish, everything is in your hands. The maximum number of guests admitted into the Club is limited to 225 people. Compared to many swingers clubs with no guest limit; by setting this number limit, DN prevents the area from being overcrowded and overwhelming. This naturally allows guests to party in a more comfortable environment. In addition, thanks to their sale of alcohol, it is very simple to have the drinks you want. In the next section, we will talk about some ethical rules that you should follow; so for now, it seems like enough if we just tell you to keep your alcoholic beverage consumption controlled. There is alcohol but no food? In Deviate Network, many different types of food are also served to suit all tastes. After all, tired people get hungry, right?

Speaking of getting tired, if you think that the only thing that will tire you out at Deviate Network club is your bed adventures, you are wrong. There is also a large dance floor inside the 2500 square feet of Deviate Network's large area. If you like to dance, it's perfect for you. If you want to get some air after doing so much; DN has thought of that too. There is also an outside area for you to get fresh air and chat with others.

There are also countless opportunities to relax. Need a massage? There is an area reserved for massages only at Deviate Network Club. Need to sweat and relax? Well, then you can go to the sauna and do just that. On top of all this, the jacuzzi seems indispensable. Yes, DN also thought of a jacuzzi.

Apart from these, there are private rooms like many swingers clubs. Thus, you can experience all your adventures in a private room with your partner or partners, without having other eyes on you. The advantages of this swinger club do not end with these, but let's not forget that there is also a swimming pool in the place. We also have good news for smokers. Smoking is also allowed in Deviate Network Club. What more could you want?

Some Rules

As we briefly mentioned in the previous section; do not drink too much alcohol. This one should be quite clear. Nobody enjoys seeing partygoers who are so inebriated that they can hardly move and are causing trouble. Yes, drinking can help you relax before you swing and establish the mood. But we only advise using alcohol in moderation.

One of the most crucial ones is learning to accept rejection. The acceptance of your offers is not obligatory by the other party. You should respectfully thank the other person if they reject you and then leave. In a swingers club, it is unethical to insist, use a variety of explanations to encourage the other party to accept your offer, and waste their time. You will eventually get rejected by other swingers because you can't always please everyone. Don't be resentful; accept it gracefully. Every person in the lifestyle needs to learn how to handle rejection.

There are many rules other than these, but it is best not to make the text boring by explaining them one by one. If you want to learn more, you can get help from the internet or go directly to Deviate Network's website and learn new information from the 'Lifestyle' section.

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Special Interests



Passive watching only


Erotic massage




Oral sex

Vaginal sex

Anal sex

Double penetration

Playing with other couples


Cuckolding / Cuckqueaning

Hotwifing / Hotwife

Group sex


With condoms

Threesomes (FMF)

Threesomes (FFM)

Threesomes (MMF)

Threesomes (MFM)

Full Swap

Soft Swap

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Breath play


Candle wax play



Cum / Bodily fluids

Cyber sex


Electric stimulation


Foot fetish

Hair pulling





Phone sex


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Rope play





Watersports / Golden showers

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Woman seeking woman

Woman seeking couple

Woman seeking man

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Couple seeking couple

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Couple seeking trans

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Man seeking couple

Man seeking man

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Trans seeking trans

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