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Checkmate is a swingers club located in New York City, NY, which has made a name for itself and continues to increase its reputation quickly. The advantages of Checkmate-NYC are endless. But you have to start somewhere, right? This swingers club is perfect for both swinger lifestyle veterans and first-timers. So there is absolutely nothing to be shy and hesitant about for first-timers. It's also so famous that many out-of-town guests travel to NYC to visit Checkmate themselves. Isn’t it great? Anyway, let's go slowly to tell you about this club, what they do and how they do it.

If you wish, let's start with pricing first. Checkmate membership fees are extremely affordable. One time memberships are $180 for couples, and free for single females. Only couples and single females can enter this swinger club. Therefore, single males are not allowed. Checkmate’s doors are open to anyone who is in the swinger lifestyle, and as long as they follow the rules.

Speaking of rules, Checkmate does not have a rule system that is very different from other swinger clubs. There are some common rules among swinger clubs and Checkmate uses them as well. The most important of these is accepting rejection. The other party is not obligated to accept your offers. If the other party rejects you, you should thank them politely and just leave. Insisting, making various excuses to get the other party to accept your offer, and wasting their time are not ethical in a swingers club.

Do not take photos. Taking photos is prohibited in almost all swinger clubs, but even if the party owners do not state that it is prohibited if you are going to take photos of someone or anyone, you have to ask them beforehand and get their consent. But still, it would be better for you if you didn't take photos at all.

Another of the most important rules is to leave playrooms clean after you are done. Don't forget to throw away your used items and leave the room clean for the next group of guests.

Do not drink too much. This one is pretty obvious. No one wants to see people at a party who are very drunk, barely can walk, and causing trouble. Do not be one of them and take care to drink alcoholic beverages in a controlled manner.

Checkmate has a huge club area of 4000 square feet. This naturally means that there will be a lot of people in it and you will have more chance to meet more new couples or singles. As in most of the clubs, there is also a meal service. You will definitely not have any trouble finding a meal that suits your taste, as there are many varieties of meals served. There is also a huge dance floor so that we don't forget to have fun before moving on to the bedroom adventure. Here you can dance and possibly meet your new bedroom friends as the case may be. Why not? But wouldn't it be bad to have to give up on your fetish while doing all this stuff? It exactly would. But don't worry, there are also fetish rooms and areas in Checkmate. All so that you can comfortably fulfill all your wishes. Also, if you are uncomfortable with other people watching you or if you want only the people you want to be in the room, there are also private rooms at Checkmate for your request. Finally, you can also smoke at Checkmate.

All considered, we can understand that Checkmate is a swingers club, every detail of which has been carefully thought out so that everyone in this lifestyle can live all their fantasies and be comfortable while living them. If you want to have fun and further spice up your sexual life, Checkmate will be a very good choice for you.

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Erotic massage




Oral sex

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Double penetration

Playing with other couples


Cuckolding / Cuckqueaning

Hotwifing / Hotwife

Group sex


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Threesomes (FMF)

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Man seeking man

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Trans seeking trans

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