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The Loft › Brooklyn Swingers Club in NYC

The Loft (TheLoftESL) is an excellent swingers club that is well-known within the confines of Brooklyn, New York City. As can be understood from the name The Loft Elite's Swinger Lounge they have given to themselves, we can say that it is a really elite and high quality swingers club. There are dozens of different factors that put them among the elite clubs. In this text, we will talk about them as much as we can, but of course, it can be a little difficult to talk about all of them.

One of the factors that they put themselves forward most is their modernity. TheLoftESL attaches great importance to modernity and keeping up with the new age. This, of course, is a factor that helps them stand out among some other clubs. They state in every channel that the swinger lifestyle is very common among the new generation. This shows that they care about the adult and also young swingers of the next generation as well as experienced swingers.

TheLoftESL has an unbelievably perfect location. It is located in a tall, understated building in a central area of ​​New York City. The view of their building is as unbelievably good as its location. Due to the height of the building, you can easily watch the dazzling skyline of New York City. What else could you want?

The Loft is a swingers club where you can experience whatever you want and can adapt to any environment. It is energetic enough to push you to show off your remarkable dance moves, and at the same time warm and intimate enough to get you close and whispering to potential partners. As we have already mentioned in the previous section, the most prominent aspect of TheLoftESL is that, unlike New York's other traditional swingers clubs, it is a modern club that has kept up with the new age, as they constantly point out.

Of course, with modernity comes an unprejudiced environment. You can be sure that no one will be prejudiced against you or judge you for your actions during your time at TheLoftESL. Of course, what we said is valid as long as you follow the rules. TheLoftESL, like every swingers club, has certain rules and you have to abide by these rules. If you want to get detailed information about these rules, you can visit TheLoftESL's website, reach them via e-mail or ask the staff or party owners when you go to one of The Loft’s events.

Speaking of rules, The Loft is not a public swingers club where every applicant becomes a member. There are some application criteria and you can apply according to these criteria. After that, only thing left for you to do is to wait for TheLoftESL team to review your application and decide whether you can become a member of The Loft.

Let's say you have become a member of TheLoftESL and you will attend an event they organize. You should take a look at what TheLoftESL offers you and what it prefers not to offer. There is no alcohol sale at The Loft. We wanted to point this out first, as many swinger clubs sell alcohol. But they do allow you to bring your own liquor or drink. So don’t be sad, if you are someone who likes alcoholic beverages, you will not be without alcohol throughout the night.

Membership and one-time participation in events mean different things at TheLoftESL. You can pay the entrance fee and attend an event, but this does not mean that you are a member of TheLoftESL. We wanted to clarify this issue as well.

They have also not forgotten a fetish room where you can fulfill all your fantasies. Since these rooms have their own locks, you have no risk of other people in the event to enter your room while you are fulfilling your fantasies. You wouldn’t have anyone entering your room without permission anyway, even if they didn’t have locks. As we mentioned, The Loft has a great community.

The Loft's current one-year membership fee is $154. But keep in mind that this pricing is subject to change and update from time to time. Also, let's not forget that they accept payment methods such as CashApp and Afterpay.

As for the rules, there are four important rules set by TheLoftESL and if you want to attend The Loft events and parties, you have to strictly abide by them.

The first rule is, consent is everything. If the other party rejects you, whatever the case may be, accept it and go about your business. You cannot act otherwise. TheLoftESL cares about this issue so much that you will be kicked out of the party area as soon as you try to do something without people's consent even once or try to talk to or persuade people without their consent, and if you are a member of The Loft, your membership will be completely canceled. Also, do not make physical contact unless requested by the other party, and do not come closer than the standard chatting distance.

Secondly, no cameras, phones or any other recording devices are allowed in The Loft at all. TheLoftESL is a swinger club that has an unknown address except for its members. You can learn the address only when your membership application is approved and you cannot share this address with anyone who is not a member of The Loft. Therefore, you are prohibited from using any recording device. In addition, videotaping or photographing the private lives of other individuals on the lifestyle is prevented in this way.

The third rule is common at all swinger parties, but we wanted to mention it because TheLoftESL highlights it in the list of the four most important rules of themselves. A glass or two of alcohol will help you relax and get in the mood. You will feel comfortable, confident and more active. You will socialize more easily. But you shouldn't overdo it. Moderated alcohol consumption is the key.

The last one of the four important rules explained by TheLoftESL team is to leave jealousy and drama at the door. Remember that swinging is completely physical and there is no room for sentimentality. If there is a situation in your relationship that triggers jealousy, determine what the situation is through mutual communication and try to find a solution. Be sure to find a solution to this before you come to the event. Trying to not do some things in the party because of the situations that trigger jealousy is an important step for the solution. After all, no one wants their party ruined by a jealous couple. Each member of The Loft must be respectful of the other party's decisions and opinions at all times. If you're having a bad night, take a deep breath and try to pull yourself together instead of reflecting it to other people at the party; if you can manage that, continue socializing where you left off. If you can't calm yourself and your partner down, call it a day and go home. That party won't be the last one at The Loft.

Apart from the four rules mentioned above, The Loft asks you to pay attention to one more thing: the dress code. In summary, you should not go to the events of this club dressed as if you were going on just an ordinary trip. Avoid wearing shorts, tracksuits, sweatshirts, and other similar clothes. Ripped jeans and sneakers are also among the clothes that are not permitted. If you wear any of these outfits, you will not be allowed to enter the party and you will not be given right to have a refund. Going to a party in a stylish outfit will both help you feel better and attract more attention from your potential partners.

Long story short, The Loft NYC is an excellent swinger club. It is a place where you can fulfill all your fantasies as long as you follow the rules they set, and you will have experiences that you will never forget for the rest of your life. If you are wondering, start the process to become a member of TheLoftESL right away.

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