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Subspace Swingers club › Manhattan › NYC

In this article, we will examine Subspace Swingers Club for the curious. It will be a guide for those who are curious and want to visit there one day, and it will be in the form of an informative article for those who have not heard of it before. Subspace Swingers is a perfectly located club in midtown Manhattan, New York. Therefore, we do not think that you will have any problems finding and reaching their place. Anyway, if we're not going to use it in these situations, why are there navigation apps, right? Let’s directly get into our subject.

Subspace Swingers hosts weekly, monthly, and bimonthly swinger parties at their main party area in midtown Manhattan. People who have completed the membership process and whose membership has been approved can join all of these parties. But Subspace Swingers is of course not content with only these parties that they organize. If you're curious, let's take a quick look at what kind of events they organize apart from these parties in midtown Manhattan.

They also organize Meet and Greet parties, pool parties, board game parties, and many more different types of parties and events. Since these events are held in different local locations by different hosts, you should constantly follow Subspace Swingers to stay abreast and take the necessary steps to participate after seeing any notification that one of these events will be held.

We have even better news for you, at the end of these parties or events, there is always a sexy after party. Thus, you can have some bed adventures after the event with your potential partners you met during the event. What a way to end the night, right? We can guarantee that it will be a night you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Let's now talk about who can become a member of Subspace Swingers and who can join the parties. Subspace Swingers has decided to follow a different policy here than most of the other clubs. You probably know that most swinging clubs do not allow single males or, on the contrary, allow everyone to enter the parties altogether. Both situations have their downsides. For example, a single male who knows all the swinging rules and etiquette and wants to attend parties just to fulfill some of his sexual fantasies may not be able to enter the event area because single male entrance is prohibited. Or when we look at the other option, we might think that there may be malicious people in a club that accepts every single male. A little clarification to avoid possible misunderstandings in the previous sentence: we do not imply that there are or will certainly be malicious people in swinging clubs where everyone is free to enter. Keep in mind that we are just talking about probabilities. Now that we've made our explanation, let's get back to our main topic. As we have just explained, we may encounter some negative results in clubs where single males are not allowed at all, and in clubs that are completely open to them. But Subspace Swingers has developed an excellent and ingenious solution to this issue.

Memberships and entrance to parties for couples and single females are completely allowed, while single males are selected to enter the events. Thanks to this, they largely prevent single men who may approach people with ulterior motives, who may offend other members, who do not know swinging etiquette, or who might not follow the rules. Again, thanks to this ingenious solution, all individuals in the lifestyle, who really want to spice up their already exciting sexual life, have the opportunity to attend events and parties. If you are among the chosen ones, happy for you.

Speaking of membership, let's not go without mentioning membership fees. Membership fees are $60 for couples and $140 for single men. We think it's excellent pricing for such an elite and elegant swingers club. If you think we forgot about single women, you are wrong. We did not give any price information for them because as in many clubs, membership is completely free for single ladies in Subspace. By the way, Subspace organizes another party where the prices are different. We'll talk about it when the time comes for it.

We would like to give some more information about the club area in Manhattan midtown that we mentioned at the beginning of the article. We already talked about its location and stated that it has an excellent location. You ask why? Because it is located in an extremely safe and upscale neighborhood. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will not have any problems with privacy and peace of mind.

The pricing information we gave you in the membership pricing section is valid for the party that Subspace organizes every Wednesday under the name of "Wild Wednesday Afternoon Delight". Also, we told you that there is another event where the prices are different. The naming of this event is "Sinful Sundays Gang Bang Party". As the name suggests, this party is a swinger gang bang party. Sounds fun! But it is not held every week like the previous one, but only on the last Sunday of every month. Membership pricing is as follows: $50 for couples, $120 for single men, and again free for single ladies.

Keep in mind that the price information we provide throughout the article is the entrance fees to the events. Those are party prices. Also, Subspace, like all swinger clubs, has a small annual membership fee. You can get an annual membership for a small fee of $20, and with the membership card presented to you, you can now get the right to enter the parties you have paid for. If you lose your membership card, you will have to pay the same fee again to get a new card. Therefore, be careful with it.

There is also no alcohol sale on Subspace. However, each member is allowed to bring their own bottle of alcohol. But this is not one bottle for each individual, but one bottle for each membership. So if you're a couple, the two of you can only bring one bottle of alcohol in total. Subspace limits alcohol use to just one bottle because they do not want anyone to lose themselves or engage in unethical behavior at events. Remember, following the rules is the most important thing at swinger parties.

Frequently Asked

In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about Subspace. If you are wondering how to reach the address of the Club, if you have completed the membership process and officially become a Subspace member, RSVP before you attend the event to find out the full address.

Subspace does not have a strict and compelling dress code, but we recommend that you pay attention to what you wear, both to suit the elegance and classiness of the club, and out of respect for other guests. Is there anything better than dressing stylish and attractively?

If you are wondering whether you can use payment options such as credit card or PayPal, we are sorry. At the moment, Subspace only accepts payments with cash. But this may change in the coming months or years. Do not forget to follow their website in order not to miss the innovations.

You definitely don't have to participate in the activities in Subspace parties or events. If you want, you can join the party and just be in the environment without participating in conversations or any of the sexual activities. No one will force you to participate. We would like to state that this swinger club is completely a no pressure zone. Therefore, you can be sure that no one will force you into anything, that they will not want to put you in an environment you do not want, that they will not judge you for what you do, and that everyone will be friendly towards you.

With Subspace, you can rest assured that your personal information will remain completely safe. During membership, you complete your application with a passport or government ID showing your citizenship information, but Subspace guarantees that they will not use your information in any way and keep it confidential.

Safe sex is also very important to them. It is preferred that you bring your own condoms or safe sex materials other than condoms. If you don’t, Subspace provides condoms and other materials for you. But it's still better to bring your own.

In this article, we have reviewed Subspace in all its details. The only thing we haven't said is that smoking is allowed. Excellent news for smokers, bad news for non-smokers. Having said that, we can end the article by wishing you all the best. Have fun!

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