The Private Affair › Maryland Swingers

The Private Affair › Maryland Swingers

Swinging has become a popular lifestyle choice for many couples. And the swingers in Maryland have a great option available to them: The Private Affair (TPA). The Private Affair swingers club is a hub for those looking to explore their sexuality with other like-minded individuals. Located in the cute town of Port Deposit, TPA is the perfect place to meet new swingers in the lifestyle. Also, perfect to have a great time.

With its discreet location and cool atmosphere, TPA offers a safe and comfortable space for swingers in Maryland, Cecil. They provide a welcoming environment for both experienced swingers and those new to the lifestyle. Therefore, making it an ideal destination for those looking to delve into the exciting world of swinging.

TPA offers a variety of amenities including a dance floor, private rooms, and a fully stocked bar. Are you looking to dance the night away? Or to connect intimately with other like-minded couples? They have got you covered. If you're a swinger in Cecil or anywhere in Maryland, TPA is the perfect destination for you. It offers an exciting and safe place to have a great time.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what TPA has to offer to you. Also its rules and what makes it a great place to explore your sexual desires. So, let's dive in and discover what this exclusive swingers club has to offer.

Location of The Private Affair swingers club

Located in Cecil, Maryland, The Private Affair has been serving the swinger community for almost 25 years. The club's location is ideal for those seeking a discreet and private space to live their fantasies. This lifestyle place offers a calm environment that is perfect for couples and singles looking to escape everyday life.

Moreover, the club's location offers easy access for those travelling from surrounding cities. Therefore, making it a convenient destination for swingers in the region. Overall, TPA is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an exciting swingers club in Maryland, Cecil.

What will be waiting for you at The Private Affair?

Are you looking for a swingers club that offers a range of exciting features? TPA in Cecil has you covered. With around 10,000 square feet of party space, this club provides big room for socializing, dancing, and living your fantasies. The club has designed the playrooms with the aim of catering to a variety of preferences. The playrooms offer a comfortable environment for swingers to have fun. Additionally, this lifestyle establishment has skilled DJs that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

TPA is one of the BYOB swingers clubs in Maryland. The club provides a professional bar area where you can mix your own drinks or purchase mixers and soft drinks. This allows you to bring your own favorite beverages. Therefore, ensures that you can enjoy your night exactly as you like it.

It's worth noting that The Private Affair has won the 2022 ASN award for being the best supportive lifestyle club. This recognition highlights the club's commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members. The club greets you with warm hospitality and a sense of community from the moment you step in, setting it apart from other swingers clubs in Maryland.

So, whether you're looking to dance, socialize, or get in your deepest desires, The Private Affair has everything you need to make your night unforgettable. With its award-winning reputation and impressive range of features, this club is a must-visit for swingers in Cecil and beyond.

Can single males become members of The Private Affair?

If you're a single male interested in becoming a member, it's important to note that not every single man can become a member. Only selected single males become a member. Also, there is one more rule. New single males must follow a specific process. First, they must be sponsored by a current couple or a single female. Then, they must be accompanied by this member on their first visit to the club. So, if you're a single male looking to have fun, make sure to read the club's guidelines.

The Private Affair membership system

Becoming a member is an easy process that involves just a few simple steps. First, you should read the club's Membership Terms & Conditions to ensure you understand the rules of membership. Once you are familiar with the terms, you can then fill out the Membership Application form.

After submitting the application, potential members will need to wait until their application is approved by the club. Their management team takes the process seriously, so it may take some time for the club to approve applications.

Once approved, members can then register for events. The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including dance parties and other themed events. Members must register for events in advance to ensure that they have a spot.

Finally, on the day of the event, members must show up with proper ID to gain entry to the club. This ensures that only approved members and guests are allowed inside.

The Private Affair membership fees

Once your application is approved, you will need to pay the membership fee to become an official member of The Private Affair. There are two types of membership available: Annual and 1 Month. Both of these memberships have the same fees for couples, single males, and single ladies.

The Annual membership fee is $65, while the 1 Month membership fee is $25. After paying the membership fee, members will then be able to attend events hosted by TPA.

It's important to note that there are also entrance fees for events, which can vary depending on the event. To learn more about specific event entrance fees, you can take a look at the club's event calendar.

Does The Private Affair have a dress code?

If you're planning on attending an event at TPA, it's important to be aware of their dress code. The club has a dress code in place to ensure that all guests feel comfortable and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

For men, the dress code requires a nice shirt with a collar, dress pants, or clean jeans. However, there are some items that are not allowed. These include hats, hoodies, tank tops or muscle shirts, sports jerseys, workout clothes or sweat/jogging suits, uniforms, sneakers or work boots, and cut-offs or gym shorts.

By adhering to the dress code policy, guests can ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the atmosphere and will be able to fully enjoy their experience at TPA.

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