The Korral Swingers Club in Spring Grove, PA

The Korral Swingers Club in Spring Grove, PA

The Korral (TK) is a really elite and outstanding swingers club located in one of the most beautiful areas of Pennsylvania, Spring Grove. Due to its popularity as a place to visit and make lasting memories, Spring Grove is undoubtedly a place you have heard about before. They have been in the business for more than 30 years, and it seems as though they will always be there. Their goal is to offer a sophisticated atmosphere that is also inviting and relaxing. Although it sounds difficult, they have succeeded it. They already have a sizable member base and are actively seeking to expand it. In this article, we will give you all the important pieces of information while trying to keep it short. Hence, after reading the article, you will have a clear idea about becoming a member of this lifestyle club or not.

Location of The Korral in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

The Korral is at a beautiful location in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, making it a great venue for swingers in Pennsylvania to visit and make lasting experiences. You will receive their exact address once you have made a reservation for an event, but how bad it can be in Spring Grove, right?

If you want to experience the elegant and intimate ambiance of TK, you should start your membership process as soon as possible. You'll have a great time, we're confident about that. If you are curious about membership fees and the membership system, we will cover those in the next section.

Can Single Males Enter The Korral?

The short answer to that question is yes. Yet there are some restrictions and guidelines for single males. They are asking you to not treat The Korral as a sex club or a brothel. They are a social swingers club for individuals in the swinger lifestyle. TK warmly welcomes single men, unlike most swingers clubs that forbid them from attending their events.

The most important limitation for single males is that they have to be sponsored by a current member. If you are a single male, you cannot become a member of TK only by yourself. A couple or a single female who is already a member should vouch for you. You must arrive together and leave together with your sponsor on your first visit.

You will receive your membership card after your first visit, and you are then free to go to the events and parties on your own. Lastly, there is also a limitation on single male participants in each event. To ensure entry to the events, you should make your reservation as early as possible.

The Korral Membership Fees

Membership fees for The Korral are $50 for couples and single males. For single females, the annual membership fee is $30. For a high-end lifestyle club like this one, these are fantastic prices. Let's talk about how to sign up for membership.

To begin with, you must complete an application form. There are a lot of pieces of information that you will need to fill out. Your first name and last name -and your partner's if you are a couple. Your birthdate, the city, and the state in which you currently reside, as well as your phone number and email address. Additionally, your sponsor if you have one -you have to have a sponsor if you are a single male. And lastly, a photo in which your and your partner's faces are clearly visible. Note that, you shouldn't use Hotmail or any other Microsoft email addresses because it blocks the automated emails of TK crew.

After your membership application is approved by the management, you will be allowed to make reservations for parties and events. Note that, it might take 48 hours or more for approval.

Does The Korral Have a Dress Code?

The Korral has a dress code to which they give really big importance to. You must present yourself well! It is not acceptable to wear any kind of uniform, basketball or sports shorts, sweatpants or sweatshirts, caps, or snapbacks. You have to be presentable.

They simply stated that women should dress in something sexy and intimate. They can also change as the party progresses into late at night. Males should dress properly, with a nice shirt, nice pants, and possibly a jacket. Jeans are also acceptable, but make sure they're not ripped jeans or etc.

Rules of The Korral

We have been explaining how perfect of a lifestyle club The Korral is throughout this article and that may help you understand why they are one of the top swingers clubs in Spring Grove, PA. However, there is yet another factor functioning in the background. They have very strict rules and work very hard for every member to have fun regardless. We will briefly explain their rules in this section.

The Korral is a private lifestyle club which means you have to have a membership to participate in the events. There is no trial membership for one-timers. This means that they are always informed who is attending which party and keep everything in control.

If you are a new member, you have to arrive before 9 pm. This is necessary since one of the host couples will give you a tour of the club after you check in. Think of it like an orientation process. If you still have questions on your first night, you can see one of the host couples or the management team to get your answers.

No means no. There is no point in insisting on anything. Be respectful to others since everyone is there solely to have fun. If you are reported to be insistent and disturbing, you will immediately be kicked out of the party.

Consent is crucial. You cannot engage in any type of physical behavior toward others without their consent. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in any circumstance by the club management. These are the most important rules of The Korral.

If you reside near Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, or somewhere surrounding, your best choice is to give TK a chance. Have fun swingers!

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