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1115 N Rollin Road Catonsville, Baltimore, MD 21228
Tabu Social Club › Baltimore Swingers, Maryland

Tabu Social Club or TSC is an exclusive swingers club. It has been serving the Baltimore area for over a decade. It is one of the most known swingers clubs in Baltimore. They are located in a discreet location. And, they offer a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere for swingers. In order to provide an environment for them to explore their sexuality and engage in a consensual, non-monogamous swinger experience.

At TSC, members can enjoy a range of activities. These include private playrooms, group play areas, BDSM equipment, and more. This lifestyle establishment caters to a diverse group of single ladies, single males and couples who want to have a great time and meet new people in the lifestyle.

One of the unique features of TSC is their commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members. The team provides a strict code of conduct that emphasizes consent and respect. And they work closely with members to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and included. It has an elegant atmosphere. Also a welcoming community, and a commitment to safety and respect. So, there's no wonder that TSC has become one of the premier swingers clubs in Baltimore, Maryland.

Location of Tabu Social Club

This lifestyle club sits in a safe, well-lit area. It is conveniently located just off the Baltimore Beltway. The location is also easily accessible and offers plenty of free parking in the front, side, and rear of the building.

What's more, there are over 100 hotels within 10 miles of TSC. This provides easy access for out-of-town visitors. With rooms starting as low as $55 per night, it's a great opportunity to make a weekend of it. You can fully immerse yourself in the Tabu lifestyle with it.

Talking about weekends, the Weekend Pass is a great option. With a Weekend Pass, you can enjoy two nights of fun and exploration for one low price. It's the perfect opportunity to fully indulge in all that TSC has to offer. We will talk about these in more detail in the next sections.

TSC's location offers several benefits for those seeking a luxurious and sophisticated experience. It is convenient, safe, and easily accessible, making it an ideal destination for both individuals and couples. In addition, TSC provides a unique experience for those seeking an alternative lifestyle place. Also they are without doubt one of the best swingers clubs in Baltimore, Maryland.

What will be waiting for you in Tabu Social Club?

Tabu Social Club boasts a no-pressure environment. As a result, members are free to engage in sexual acts or simply watch without any expectations. This great place features a spacious dance floor. Their dance floor is perfect for showing off your moves. The VIP lounge offers a more exclusive experience, providing a luxurious setting to socialize and connect with other members.

One of the highlights of TSC is the large group playroom, which has multiple beds and play areas. Members can also enjoy dance poles. Only if they want to add a playful and seductive touch to the atmosphere. As a BYOB club, members are welcome to bring their own alcoholic drinks to enjoy throughout the night. They provide mixers and a bartender to serve your drinks.

It's important to note that TSC is a membership-only club. This means that only registered members are able to attend parties and events. As a result, this exclusive membership policy ensures a safe and respectful environment for all members to explore their sexuality.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, TSC also boasts a dance cage. TSC also provides a dedicated females-only dance floor for female members. The dance floor allows them to dance without male attention.

For those who prefer a quieter setting to socialize and get to know other members, TSC offers a comfortable and cozy lounge area. This space is perfect for meeting new people and getting closer to those who caught your attention.

TSC also offers showers and lockers for members to use. This ensures that members can freshen up and feel comfortable throughout the night. Furthermore TSC offers a range of features to ensure that members have an unforgettable experience.

Can single males become members of Tabu Social Club?

While TSC does allow single males to become members, they are subject to certain restrictions. This helps to maintain a balanced and respectful environment for all members of the lifestyle club. As a result, single males are not allowed to enter the area on their own. Because this would disrupt the careful balance of the club's community.

Additionally, they have a limited number of single male memberships available, which may have additional requirements or restrictions. Moreover, every member, regardless of their gender, can expect TSC to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for them.

Tabu Social Club membership system

Tabu Social Club is an exclusive swingers club located in Maryland that requires membership for attendance. As a member-only place, only those who have registered with TSC can participate in the parties and events hosted by them. However, becoming a member is a straight forward process. Therefore interested swingers can easily fill out an application form on the website or in person.

The application process at TSC in Maryland is quite thorough. The club's membership system aims to ensure that only respectful and open minded swingers become members. Additionally, the process aims to confirm that they share a common interest in the lifestyle. With this, they ensure that everyone who attends events and parties at the club is comfortable and feels safe. Once the application is reviewed and approved, applicants can purchase a membership. With the membership, they can start attending parties and events hosted by TSC. In the next section, we will discuss membership fees in more detail. We will also provide details on membership options available at TSC.

Tabu Social Club membership fees

At TSC, membership fees are based on the duration of the membership and the type of membership. For couples, the fees are as follows: $80 for a one-year membership, $60 for a six-month membership, $45 for a three-month membership, and $30 for a one-month membership. Single ladies also pay the same fees as couples.

Sponsored single males are welcome at the club. However, their membership fees are slightly different from couples and single ladies. A sponsored single male can purchase a one-year membership for $80, a six-month membership for $60, a three-month membership for $45, or a one-month membership for $30.

Memberships are charged per couple or single female. And as you know, single males must be sponsored by a current member to join the club. TSC offers flexible membership options. As a result, swingers can easily explore the lifestyle and enjoy the club's events and parties.

Does Tabu Social Club have a dress code?

TSC in Maryland does have a dress code that all members and guests are required to follow. The club is an upscale environment, and the dress code is reflective of this. Therefore, men must wear a collared shirt or dress sweater year-round. Shorts are acceptable during the summer months. However, men must still wear collared shirts.

T-shirts, including tank tops and long-sleeve T-shirts, are not permitted for men. In addition ladies are encouraged to dress as sexy as they would like at all times. However, they still need to follow the basic dress code. No drooping or baggy pants, torn or tattered jeans, or athletic wear is permitted.

They designed the dress code at TSC to create a sexy and upscale atmosphere for all members and guests. The club also reserves the right to make the final decision on what is decent.

In conclusion, Tabu Social is a well-established venue in Maryland for swingers to explore their sexuality and meet new people. With its exclusive membership system, various party rooms, and strict dress code policy, it offers a unique and upscale atmosphere for swingers. So, if you're looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience, Tabu Social is the place to be. It is great. Fun. Welcoming. Intimate. Come and join the swingers at Tabu Social and make your wildest fantasies come true!

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