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In this article, we will tell you about Club Joi in the shortest and most concise way. If you are a resident of Los Angeles or think that maybe you will go there in the future, after reading this article, you will have reached sufficient and satisfactory information about this swingers club. If you want to experience a new and unforgettable swingers club, Club Joi is for you.

What to expect from Club Joi

Let's first start by saying that it is one of the biggest swinger clubs on our site. It has a huge area of 12,000 square feet. You heard right, exactly 12,000 square feet. You can freely do whatever you want in this vast space, as long as it's within the rules. We will briefly talk about the rules in the following sections of our article.

When we come to the subject of location, we have some news that will make you happy. Club Joi is located close to many of Los Angeles' biggest freeways. And these are freeways in the heart of Los Angeles. Therefore, it is easy to reach and access from everywhere in Los Angeles. What more could you want?

They hold parties every Friday and Saturday. These are events that happen every Friday and Saturday, regardless of holiday times. Apart from these, sometimes certain events are organized on other days of the week. To be informed about these, you can follow the calendar on the Club Joi website.

Another thing that might pique your interest is the two dance poles on the dance floor. The opportunity to have fun with different styles of music with more than one DJ is another thing waiting for you in this beautiful club. Also, dozens of different soft drinks are sold at the bar. And lastly, hot and cold meals are included in the party price.

What we have listed in this section are just a few of the things that await you when you go to Club Joi events. If you want to know more, you can visit their web pages or call their phone number.

How to become a member of Club Joi LA

Here we can talk about a two-stage membership system. But before that, we must say that Club Joi is a members-only swingers club. So unless you are a member, you will not be able to attend any party or event. Additionally, you are not allowed to purchase memberships at the party entrance. You are also not allowed to enter parties only for once for trials.

For the membership process, you are asked for a "required profile" in the first stage. So what is the required profile? You can think of it as a form in which some information such as your e-mail, name and last name is requested from you. When you fill out and send this form, a confirmation e-mail from the club management will be sent to your e-mail address provided in the form and you will be informed about the steps you need to follow in the second stage.

In the second stage, you must follow the steps given to you in the e-mail. In this step, you are asked to introduce yourself and also some more information. After that, you pay the annual membership fee and your membership is created by the management team. After your membership is created, you can buy tickets to the parties you want to attend. Since entrance fees may vary, we will not give clear prices in this article. You can access the price information by clicking on the page of the event you will attend on the Club Joi website.

Your personal information and photos are completely safe. No one except the Club team can see this information. The reason why the team can see this information is to prevent malicious people from participating in events by using fake memberships. Your name and photo must match the one on your ID. Otherwise, your membership will not be approved.

Who can become a member of Club Joi?

As we have stated everywhere on our website, the center of the swinger lifestyle has always been couples. Therefore, it goes without saying that couples can become members and attend events. When it comes to single women, they can also get membership and participate in all events except couples only events. We have even better news for single women. All events are free for them to attend. In other words, if they only pay the membership fee, they can participate in all events without paying any entrance fee.

When we come to single men, as many swingers clubs do, single men are not allowed to get memberships and participate in events. In some clubs, they are selected from among those who apply for membership and they are allowed to participate in a small number, but Club Joi takes a more strict stance on this issue and does not allow single men to participate in their events in any way.

Club Joi LA rules

Finally, we will end our article by mentioning a few of the most important rules of this club. Firstly, even if you have a membership, you will not be admitted to the events unless you have your government ID with you.

No drugs are allowed in any way. If it is seen that you have drugs with you or it is noticed that you are under the influence of any kind of drug, you will be kicked out of the party and your membership will be canceled. In addition, you will be reported to the police.

Club Joi does not sell alcohol in any way. You can bring and drink your own alcohol as long as it is not in excessive amounts. You are not allowed to drink in public areas at parties, only while on the premises.

No aggressive or offensive behavior is tolerated. As soon as it is seen or a complaint is received, the person will be warned. If the same situation is repeated, the person and their partner will be kicked out of the event. Depending on the extent of the behavior, the person and their partner can be kicked directly from the party, without warning. If this kind of behavior has been done to you, you are kindly requested to file a complaint with the party staff without waiting and without hesitation.

Unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse is strictly prohibited, except for the couples having sex with each other. As this is a club rule, it is not allowed even if both parties agree to unprotected sex.

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